Modular Facilities

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Analytical Labs

Analytical modular lab facilities can be built in shipping containers or larger modules to achieve larger footprints. We can design and build labs for a wide range of applications including chemistry, biological (BSL-2/3), environmental, water, air, soil, materials testing, fuel analysis, mining support and others.  Proper function of your lab is achieved through proper design and construction of the key elements of lab design that include HVAC systems, interior finishes and electrical systems which are critical to safety and function.  We can provide custom solutions to meet your specific needs delivered anywhere in the world.

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Production Facilities

MAAS can design and produce modular facilities that will comply with US or EU GMP standards for production of pharmaceutical or herbal products.  This includes extraction facilities utilizing combustible gases which will meet all applicable safety regulations.

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Agricultural Applications

Modular facilities for supporting agricultural needs are gaining more acceptance for a variety of reasons. MAAS can provide facilities for growing sensitive plants, processing them, tissue culture and other purposes.

container lab, modular lab, chemistry lab, analytical lab

20 foot container lab

This container lab provides approximately 160 square feet of working space and is suitable as a small analytical lab and can accommodate a small fume hood.  These labs can be designed for easy relocation for use in multiple locations.

40 foot container lab

Providing approximately 320 square feet of operational area, these make ideal analytical modular lab facilities which require more space for equipment and personnel.  These can also be configured for a variety of other purposes depending on your application.  Multiple modules can be joined to create larger spaces or added at a later date when space needs have increased.

Larger modular facilities

Large modules of 12' x 40' or 12' x 50' can be utilized for larger applications and where a wider module needed for a larger modular lab facility.  Multiple modules can be joined to achieve much larger footprints and to accommodate future growth.

Special applications/custom size

Please contact us with any special applications you may have.  


We can assist you with equipment specification and package this with a modular lab.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.