Why Modular?

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Modular construction provides many advantages to the end users.  Construction is typically faster and is carried out in a consistent and controlled manner that is not possible with "brick and mortar" projects.  Modular facilities can be constructed in shipping containers or in larger constructed modules.  Multiple modules can be joined to create larger spaces when needed.  These facilities can be relocated if necessary, unlike conventional structures.  Additional space can be added at a later time with minimal impact to your operations when compared to a renovation of a conventional structure.

container lab, shipping container, modular lab


Modular construction is highly flexible.  MAAS can build facilities to meet your analytical needs to production facilities to agricultural buildings in sizes ranging from a 20 foot container to multi-module facilites made of 20' x 40' modules to achieve much larger footprints.  It is simple to add additional modules to an existing modular facility providing our end users with a staged method of meeting future growth and minimizing disruption to their operations.

modular lab, container lab, cannabis lab, GMP facility

Cost/Construction Time

Modular construction is typically lower cost than "brick and mortar" projects of equivalent size.  Time for construction is also typically faster than other types of construction since the project starts with a shell already made and can perform the work in a controlled environment unaffected by weather.  Consistent quality can be maintained for projects anywhere in the world as the same, experienced builders are used for every project.


What Features Do You Need In Your Mobile Or Modular Laboratory MAAS (pdf)